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John McLellan Contracting Inc. has provided residential homes and commercial complexes with a wide variety of window services, including metal flashing, drip edge installation, in addition to the removal of pre-existing windows and complete installation of new windows.

John's window service crews possess certifiable skills in the trade of window installation, and through the years received customer acknowledgements crediting their efficiency and the customer's satisfaction.

Home owners tend to not realize the importance of properly installed and functional windows until after they have been replaced. The difference in sound insulation and savings on heating and energy costs are amongst the most prominent changes that clients mention, in addition to the renewed look of a home.

Windows account for up to 25% of the home's heating and energy bill. In the summer, a compromised window will make the air conditioner have to work twice as hard to regulate the temperature. The same scenario applies to the furnace that will be overworked sustaining a constant warm temperature in the winter months.

John McLellan Contracting Inc. is proud to use Dorplex Windows and Doors as their main window distributor.

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