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Sun tunnels are a recent innovative product that allow for natural light to be delivered to small interior rooms; such as bathrooms and walk in closets. Velux sun tunnels and skylights admit passive light from the Sun without the normal heat emitted by electrical light sources making it the ultimate source of interior light for spaces without windows.

Sun tunnels can produce as many as 6500 lumen (equivalent to more than four (4), 36w fluorescent tube lights and can typically be installed in less than one (1) day! John McLellan Contracting employs several Velux Certified Sun Tunnel and Skylight installation specialists. They have been trained specifically for the installation of Velux brand skylights.

The sun tunnel is a metal shute that connects from the desired room's ceiling, through the attic, to connect to the rooftop, where its capped with a domed skylight. The roof then is weatherproofed to make the skylight watertight.

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John McLellan Contracting Inc. is a certified Velux Skylight and Velux Sun Tunnel installation specialist.

For information regarding any Velux Skylight and Sun Tunnel, please email us at sales@mclellancontracting.ca or visit our office at 3625 Sideline 26 Road, Claremont, ON. L1Y1A2.

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