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House - SoffitsSoffits are available in a variety of colours, profiles and functions. The two main categories of soffits are: Vented and Non-Vented.

A Vented soffit is a functional component of any house. It creates a source for intake air to the attic space so that it may breathe. Small perforations in the soffit material allow for air to enter while restricting access for pests and rodents. Non-vented soffits are purely aesthetic and can complement the exterior of your building in a variety of colours and designs.

Our soffit materials are either solid vinyl or prefinished aluminum. In the past soffits were usually painted plywood. Plywood's downfall is that it is very susceptible to rot and deterioration which then enables pest and rodent entry into your attic, which lends itself to other problems. In addition, plywood like all other wood products, requires periodic staining or painting which can become tedious for those hard to reach areas.

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