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Skylight Image 1All John McLellan Contracting Inc. skylight and sun-tunnel installers are Velux Certified. This involves a full day hands on course where the focus is on installation techniques and procedures.

Skylights and sun tunnels are excellent options for reducing your lighting requirements. Since all skylights penetrate your building envelope, it is imperative that your installer be experienced and understand the correct techniques for your specific roof design.

Velux skylights have comfort coated glazings that help protect your house from heat loss, heat gain, fading and condensation. Skylights allow for reduced energy demands for your everyday life. Let one of our qualified salesmen explain and illustrate the benefits of natural light in your homes central locations.

Velux Skylight

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John McLellan Contracting Inc. is a certified Velux skylight and Velux Sun Tunnel installation specialist.

For information regarding any Velux Skylight and Sun Tunnel, please email us at sales@mclellancontracting.ca or visit our office at 3625 Sideline 26 Road, Claremont, ON. L1Y1A2

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