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Kitchens suffer from many extremes of heat and cold, water leaks and mold, which can put an immense strain on the drywall, tiles, and cabinetry. Insufficient lighting is a common complaint, which denies the home owner efficient use of their kitchen space.

Kitchens are rooms under constant temperature and humidity changes. Drywall, unless properly installed, is subject to trapping the excess moisture which consequently causes it to swell and potentially create mould.  To prevent this from happening, John Mclellan Contracting replaces any affected areas of damaged drywall using specially designed water resistant drywall in its place. Repainting the area with color matching paint can also be done.

Cracks in grout lines of tiles on the back splash around the kitchen sink is another prime area for water damage; many homeowners have seen this as an opportunity to change their existing tiles and cabinets. Water leaks through faulty or compromised pipes is another leading factor in the staining and molding of drywall and flooring. If not replaced or corrected, this can lead to damage of multiple floors of a home, in addition to weakening the structural integrity of the entire house.

Home owners wanting to upgrade their kitchens have called upon John McLellan Contracting for quality renovations for many years. We work in conjunction with several home building centers, (i.e. Home Depot, Rona, Lowes) to make sure that customers find the materials that meet their needs and style requirements. Increased lighting, via the installation of a skylight or sun tunnel, or an electrical fixture replacement are common renovations that John McLellan Contracting has completed, with the use of certified electricians and Velux certified skylight installation specialists.

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