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Exterior Building Drainage

Water damage can become quite a costly repair if left untreated, simple preventative measures to ensure that water drains away from the house can save home owners hundreds of dollars.

What John Recommends

Eavestrough Cleaning:  After the snow melts leaves and debris will flow into the downspout and clog it, thus preventing any water from properly draining away from your house which can lead to fascia and soffit damage, in addition to broken downspouts. Proper and thorough cleaning and inspecting can prevent these issues before they become a significantly expensive water damage repair.

Downpipe Extensions and Splash Pads:  Two very important preventative measures to further ensure that water is flowing away from a house and draining against the foundation. Downpipe extensions can allow water to drain several feet away from a house, while splash pads can direct the flow from the downspout in the direction of proper drainage.

Sump Pump and Weeping Tile:  For proper water drainage around the foundation below ground, sump pumps require seasonal inspection to ensure that they are effectively draining water from the house. If the weeping tile appears to be compromised and no longer capable of draining water, it is imperative that it is repaired or replaced before water extensively damages both the foundation and structural integrity of the house.