Exterior - Eavestroughs

Eavestrough Installation

House EavestroughsAlong with the compromising of a roof's integrity, eavestrough malfunctions and improper drainage are amongst the leading contributers to water damage of the interior and exterior of a home.

It is critical that the eavestroughs angle towards the downpipes for the draining of water. They should remain tight against the fascia to ensure water does not spill behind them and into the structure. Weather errosion of shingle granulars in addition to seasonal leaves can leave eavestroughs backed up and clogged which may impede the drainage or water.

John McLellen Contracting can repair damaged sections of eavestroughs and downspouts or can fully replace the eavestrough system of a building to ensure that they are draining properly.

To protect from the clogging of leaves, John McLellan Contracting is an installer of such products as Gutter Guards and screens. These prevent leaves and other debris from entering the trough, and thus potentially clogging either the eavestrough or downpipe.

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