Interior - Drywall Repairs

Drywall Installation and Repair

Water leaks and humidity are the leading factors behind drywall damage. When a water pipe becomes compromised and breaks, the damages may not necessarily show the true extent of the problem. Even a pin hole in ABS piping or one faulty soldered joint can lead to hundreds of dollars in damages if not immediately corrected.

Staining and swelling appearing on drywall is the initial sign that there is an over abundance of moisture in the area. Untreated, this moisture can lead to joist water logging and rot, in addition to the spreading of mould and mildew. These are hazardous if the mould spores are breathed in and may lead to many serious illnesses and breathing problems.

With damage becoming as extensive as the spreading of mould, John McLellan Contracting has renovated entire drywall stucco ceilings. The removal of the contaminated drywall is paramount, before the problem escalates. A product known as Mold Control can stop and eliminate the spread of mould. This is applied to the joists and studs that have not been structurally compromised.